pumpkin face

Wednesday, October 30, 201310/30/2013

KGMI Morning Show 10/30/13

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Host Dillon Honcoop discusses the scary trend of increasingly adult Halloween costumes marketed toward children. Podcast: Play in new window…


Tuesday, October 29, 201310/29/2013

PM Bellingham 10/29/13

In PM Bellingham

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene tells us how she’s co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation to rein in the NSA spying program, and the Health…

President Barack Obama in Brooklyn

Tuesday, October 29, 201310/29/2013

KGMI Morning Show 10/29/13

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Host Dillon Honcoop discusses the latest setbacks for Obamacare, a Pacific Coast climate change agreement, and the UN plan for…


Tuesday, October 29, 201310/29/2013

Morning News and Sports 10/29/13

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With Joe Teehan, Crystal King, and Mark Scholten

oil clean up

Monday, October 28, 201310/28/2013

PM Bellingham 10/28/13

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A cleanup is planned for an oil leak seeping into Bellingham Bay, an expert breaks down the government’s decision to…

Vote Election

Monday, October 28, 201310/28/2013

KGMI Morning Show 10/28/13

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Host Dillon Honcoop talks about the Bellingham Herald’s endorsements for Whatcom County candidates, complaints over the money coming in to…

Photo provided by the Port of Bellingham

Monday, October 28, 201310/28/2013

Morning News and Sports 10/28/13

With Joe Teehan, Crystal King and Mark Scholten

test school

Sunday, October 27, 201310/27/2013

The Legal Docket 10/27/13

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Host Dillon Honcoop talks about the recent school shootings that have happened around the country with a local attorney, who…

casg money

Sunday, October 27, 201310/27/2013

Wealth Wake Up 10/27/13

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Host Dick Donahue talks about the impending end of the “status quo” of out-of-control federal government spending.


Saturday, October 26, 201310/26/2013

Radio Real Estate 10/26/13

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Host Mike Kent talks about his recent experience in Australia, including some of the interesting differences between their real estate market…