Sunday, April 6, 201404/06/2014

Wealth Wake Up 4/6/14

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Host Dick Donahue talks about the speed of technological change, a threat to file and suspend strategy to claim Social Security benefits, why it’s not always a good thing when the government starts meddling too much with interest rates, and why our economy is nowhere near recovered.

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Sunday, April 6, 201404/06/2014

The Whatcom Report 4/6/14

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Wes Herman of The Woods Coffee talks with Whatcom Rebound and the newly-formed┬áMissional Insurance, a division of SSK Insurance. Podcast:…

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Saturday, April 5, 201404/05/2014

Community Connection part 2 4/5/14

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Host Crystal King talks with local business leaders from Hearing Northwest, Charter College, Feller Heating and more. Podcast: Play in…

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Saturday, April 5, 201404/05/2014

Community Connection part 1 4/5/14

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Host Crystal King talks with local business leaders from the YMCA, Laurel Farm & Western Supply, the Lighthouse Mission and…

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Saturday, April 5, 201404/05/2014

Wealth Wake Up Live 4/5/14

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Host Dick Donahue is on the road, talking about the complicated nuances of retirement laws, contribution rules for Social Security, IRS warnings about a new scam, and more.

House Real Estate

Saturday, April 5, 201404/05/2014

Radio Real Estate 4/5/14

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Host Mike Kent talks with representatives of the nonprofit Whatcom Dream about what they do to help local families become homeowners.

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Saturday, April 5, 201404/05/2014

In The Shop 4/5/14

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Brian from Dr. John’s Auto Clinic and Dan from Bellingham Automotive talks about changes to car safety standards through technology.…

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Saturday, April 5, 201404/05/2014

Saturday Morning Live 4/5/14

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Sam Sefzik fills in for Kris Halterman, talking with Max Nelsen of the Freedom Foundation and Erin Shannon of the…

Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, commanding general of III Corps and Fort Hood, speaks with the media outside of an entrance to the Fort Hood military base following a shooting that occurred inside, Wednesday, April 2, 2014, in Fort Hood, Texas. Four people were killed, including the gunman, and 16 were wounded in the attack, authorities said.

Friday, April 4, 201404/04/2014

PM Bellingham 4/4/14

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More details are emerging on the recent shooting rampage at Fort Hood, and a Northwest geologist addresses allegations that a timber harvest may have been responsible for the Oso Mudslide.

Aerial view of the Stillguamish River and SR 530 after the March 22, 2014 landslide

The Oso landslide on March 22 resulted in the damming of the Stillaguamish River in Snohomish County. Mud covering the area, including SR 530 is a mile wide.

Friday, April 4, 201404/04/2014

The Morning Show 4/4/14

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Dillon talks with the Washington Policy Center and a geologist about the scientists who said it was ok for logging on the slope in Oso.